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Peneda Gerês National Park

Miradouro de Tibo | Arcos de Valdevez | P.N.P.G
Miradouro de Tibo | Arcos de Valdevez

What is Peneda Gerês National Park?

Created in 1971, as its name implies, the Peneda Gerês National Park is a natural park with a protected area, which has a vast mountainous region, rich in biodiversity, namely fauna and flora, rich in customs and traditions, and with records well-preserved prehistoric sites, territory also of the majestic Iberian Wolf.

Where is it located?

With a total area of 70,290 hectares, the Peneda Gerês National Park is located in the north of Portugal, next to the border with neighboring Spain, inserted in 5 municipalities:

  • Arcos de Valdevez

  • Melgaço

  • Montalegre

  • Ponte da Barca

  • Terras de Bouro

Mapa Concelhos P. N. Peneda Gerês
Mapa concelhos P. N. Peneda Gerês

What is the origin of the name "Parque Nacional Peneda Gerês"?

The designation "Nacional" is nothing more than a title, which gives the park an international expression, thus being one of its stamps alluding to its richness in multiple aspects.

The name "Peneda Gerês" derives from its geographical constitution, in which, with the park having the shape of a horseshoe, the mountains that meet at the ends are Serra da Peneda and Serra do Gerês. Having said that, the objective was to contextualize his area.

Serra do Soajo | Arcos de Valdevez | P. N. Peneda Gerês
Serra do Soajo | Arcos de Valdevez

However, P. N. Peneda Gerês is made up of 4 mountains (serra), all of them very important:

  • Serra da Peneda (Melgaço - Arcos de Valdevez)

  • Serra de Soajo (Arcos de Valdevez)

  • Serra Amarela (Ponte da Barca - Terras de Bouro)

  • Serra do Gerês (Terras de Bouro - Montalegre)

Peneda Gerês National Park and the World

In addition to representing a green Portugal throughout the world, this protected area has also formed since 1997 with the Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Spanish Natural Park, the Gerês-Xurés Transfrontier Park, inserted in the World Biosphere Reserve decreed by UNESCO (an element essential to life).

It is one of the greatest natural tourist attractions in Portugal, due to its rare and impressive scenic beauty, its ecological and ethnographic value and the variety of fauna and flora.

The symbol of P. N. Peneda Gerês

P. N. Peneda Gerês is very rich in biodiversity, holding several wild animals of various sizes and colors, however, the Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) was the chosen symbol to represent this park as can be seen by the logo.

Peneda Gerês National Park and Tourism

Visit the wonderful P. N. Peneda Gerês will undoubtedly be one of the best and unforgettable choices you can make in life.

In addition to a strong connection with nature, you can find tourist activities in this park such as buggy tours, quad bike tours, trails and trekking, guided tours, rafting, tree climbing, and much more...

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