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 O  Giela's Palace  is a remarkable example of architecture  Medieval and modern private civil, considered one of the most important National Monuments, classified as such in 1910.

  Its origin is deeply linked to the formation of the important “Land of Valdevez”. The building of Giela's “tower house” marks a new moment of protection  and stately and regal domain over the region, highlighting the building for its profound originality and importance. currently  the medieval tower is visible as well as the residential body, with “Manueline” windows and fortified entrance, mostly built in the 16th century. The tower was built in the middle of the 14th century, replacing a small tower abandoned in the 11th century, and corresponding to a period of occupation with a strong medieval influence and the vigor of the castles.

  After being acquired by the building, it is now fully recovered, through an innovative rehabilitation project that respects its importance, history and current functional needs. The tower is the element that integrates a museum space, incorporating three floors dedicated, respectively, to the Archeology and human occupation of the county during the last millennia, to the evolution and history of the monument itself, as well as to the important moment linked to the formation of Portugal, the called “Recontro de Valdevez”, which took place in 1141, and which opposed Afonso Henriques to his cousin Afonso VII of León and Castile.

  For all these reasons, Paço de Giela is a must-visit place in the county and region, providing unique moments of contact between the Past and the new approaches and recovery/patrimony enhancement models.

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