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buggy _ buggys _ buggie _ buggies _ tour _ tours _ passeio _ passeios _ conduzir _ ativida

2 h

The customer drives

Arcos de Valdevez

Sea view;
Technical zones;
Mountain villages;
Intense smells;
Forest zones;
Wild animals;
Panoramic views;
Nice weather.



July and August

buggy _ buggys _ buggie _ buggies _ tour _ tours _ passeio _ passeios _ conduzir _ ativida

2 h



The customer drives

Arcos de Valdevez

Sea view;
Technical zones;
Mountain villages;
Intense smells;
Forest zones;
Wild animals;
Panoramic views.

All year

buggy _ buggys _ buggie _ buggies _ tour _ tours _ passeio _ passeios _ conduzir _ ativida

1 h



The customer drives

Arcos de Valdevez

Technical zones;
Slope zones;
Forest zones;
Panoramic views.

All year































buggy, buggys, buggie, buggies, tour, tours, passeio, passeios, conduzir, atividade, ativi


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buggy, buggys, buggie, buggies, tour, tours, passeio, passeios, conduzir, atividade, ativi






buggy, buggys, buggie, buggies, tour, tours, passeio, passeios, conduzir, atividade, ativi




buggy _ buggys _ buggie _ buggies _ tour _ tours _ passeio _ passeios _ conduzir _ ativida


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*By booking you accept the Terms and Conditions below! 



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Terms and conditions


• Read terms and conditions.
• Online booking only.
• There is no tolerance for delays.
• Provide a valid car driving license.
• Provide valid legal identification document.
• Sign the activity's statement of responsibility.
• Sign a statement of responsibility for minors.
• Provide a deposit of €200 (two hundred euros) with a bank card, or €300 (three hundred euros) in cash, for each vehicle.
• Arrive 30 minutes in advance.
• Allowed children older than 6 years or 1 meter tall.
• Wear clothes susceptible to soiling (predominantly cold weather).
• When booking, you receive all the information in the email, including the location.
• By booking, you are accepting and consenting to the Terms and Conditions below.


• Monitor Guide.
• Hired vehicle.

• Mandatory insurance.
• Protective goggles.


1.  Introduction.
2. Definitions.
3. Requirements.
4. Activity dynamics.
5. Risks.
6. Rules.
7. The sole responsibility of the driver customer.
8. Itinerary.
9. Vehicles.
10. Schedule.
11.  Reservation.
12. Legal framework.
13. Location.
14. Useful contacts.
15. Contact channels.

1. Introduction

1.1. This service consists of a tourist entertainment activity, in which all-terrain tours are carried out on pre-established itineraries, in European category vehicles T1, T2, T3, L6e and L7e, commonly known as buggys/buggies and quadricycles/ quad bike, in which the customer rents and drives the vehicle for a certain period of time and pre-contracted price, accompanied by a Monitor Guide.
1.2. In the context of any doubt or matter not addressed, the customer should not make a reservation, proceeding with the request for clarification through the contact channels available.
1.3. When booking, the customer is accepting and consenting to the Terms and Conditions.


2. Definitions

2.1. “Monitor Guide” - employee of the service provider hereinafter “Monitor”. 

3. Requirements

3.1. The minimum age for participation as a companion is 6 years old or 1 meter tall, provided they are of legal age and the document “Authorization and Term of Responsibility for Minors” is completed.
3.2. For contractual purposes, on the day of the activity, drivers must connotatively and obligatorily present:

3.2.1. valid legal identification document.
3.2.2. valid light vehicle driving license (category B).
3.2.3. age.
3.2.4. address.

3.3. Obligation to provide a deposit of €200 (two hundred euros) with a bank card or €300 (three hundred euros) in cash, for each vehicle.

3.3.1. Without providing the deposit, the activity will not take place, implying the loss of the total amount of the reservation.
3.3.2. The deposit is a monetary guarantee to the service provider, being retained in the event of damage caused by the customer. The security deposit is not a deductible.
3.3.3. Regardless of whether or not the individual driver causing the damage is the holder of the bond, it is retained.

3.4. The driver must unconditionally complete and sign a term of responsibility, solely and exclusively for the purposes of the contractual relationship.
3.5. The customer must unconditionally complete and sign a term of responsibility when accompanied by minors, solely and exclusively for the purposes of the contractual relationship.
3.6. The driver unconditionally accepts the copy of the identification document and driving license, solely and exclusively for the purposes of the contractual relationship.
3.7. The customer must recognize the weather present in the location and date of the activity, using the legal means of information (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere).
3.8. The client must be equipped with clothing suitable for the activity, namely comfortable and susceptible to exposure to dust, mud, water, and predominantly cold weather.
3.9. The service provider unconditionally performs the audiovisual recording of the activity exclusively for contractual compliance purposes.

4. Activity dynamics

4.1. The customer drives the contracted vehicle.
4.2. Customers can alternate driving, with the obligation to inform at the beginning of the activity, and the Monitor determines the driver change points.
4.3. The activity is always accompanied by a specialized Monitor who indicates the path to follow, who can share the customer's vehicle depending on the capacity or technical need, or not.
4.4. In the entire activity, only one (1) stop is made with a maximum duration of 5 minutes (photographic record).
4.5.  Other customers (independent vehicles) may participate in the activity, but it is not an exclusive activity.
4.6. During the activity, it may be subject to change for technical, operational, meteorological or other reasons, and may be postponed or canceled with full or partial refund of the amount paid.
4.7. The service provider performs the audiovisual recording of the activity with a view to broadcasting for promotional purposes, and the customer must express his opposition to the registration, if he does not wish to do so.

5. Risks

5.1. Risk of accident, injury, trauma and death.
5.2. Risks inherent to pregnancy, psychological problems, body structure, post-surgery, among others, that may be affected by vibrations, impacts, caused by the characteristics of the activity.
5.3. The client may get wet, dirty, or damage clothes or other belongings, due to the characteristics of the activity and lack of care associated with it.
5.4. Accident, if the instructions given by the Monitor are not followed and the vehicle is driven in a defensive and diligent manner;
5.5. Skid/overturn on curves/turns, which may occur when the driver drives recklessly;
5.6. Injuries from approaching fences, walls, branches, among others; 
5.7. Other injuries arising from improper conduct, especially from failure to comply with global safety standards and instructions given by the Monitor;
5.8. The driver must obligatorily deprive people and animals for safety.
5.9. In case of an accident, due to the characteristics of the activity, namely the itinerary in remote areas, the rescue can take a long time.

6. Rules

6.1. Failure to respect the rules of the activity can lead to very serious consequences.
6.2. In the context of breach of contract, disobedience or violation of the rules, the necessary measures are taken, and corrective measures may be applied, suspending the activity with total loss of the amount paid, with loss of the deposit due to any damage caused, and even the activation of the authorities.
6.3. In the context of the existence of children or elderly people in the activity, these are characterized by their physical and psychological fragility, there is zero tolerance for risky behaviour.
6.4. If the monitor is lost, the customer must immobilize the vehicle instantly and wait for the Monitor to arrive, in order to proceed with the regularization of the activity.
6.5. It's forbidden:

6.5.1. while driving: perform dangerous maneuvers such as skids, drifts, spinning tops, jumps, sudden accelerations, unnecessary sudden braking, overtaking, irregular driving, zigzags, among others. driving in a dangerous, destructive, uncontrolled manner. leave the track/path common to the Monitor. break out of the initial order formation. leave the vehicle without authorization. disrespect the highway code. use other vehicle instruments except the accelerator, footbrake, seat belt, steering wheel, lights, turn signals and horn. The use of instruments other than those authorized may cause serious damage to the vehicle, for which the driver will be held responsible. (see 7.) stop without authorization. stop parallel to other vehicles. change the driver without the Monitor's authorization. honk at people or animals. to practice initiatives of own reasoning parallel to the terms and conditions, susceptible of damage, without authorization of the Monitor. accelerate before the curve/turn and during the curve/turn, running the risk of skidding, overturning, accident due to the action of centrifugal force, associated with the characteristics of the vehicle and the terrain. reverse gear, or in other words, take the journey in reverse, being susceptible to a serious accident.

6.5.2. the practice of any irregular behavior from an ethical or civic point of view towards people, animals or the environment (third parties).
6.5.3. consume alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances, smoke, open fires or set fires, leave garbage or waste on the route.
6.5.4. approaching or disturbing animals.
6.6. Is required:
6.6.1. Respect the activity rules and Monitor orders.
6.6.2. Use seat belt.
6.6.3. Follow the path of the Monitor.
6.6.4. Always keep the vehicle in the center of the trail, as going off the trail can have very serious consequences.
6.6.5. Respect people and animals (third parties), go slowly, stop if necessary.
6.6.6. In the event of an imminent accident, overturning, damage or abnormal noise from the vehicle, the driver must immediately immobilize the vehicle and alert the Monitor by sounding the horn 3 times followed by the horn, 
6.6.7. Clarify any existing doubts before starting the activity.

7. The sole responsibility of the driver customer

7.1. The driver is responsible for the vehicle and occupants, and must adopt diligent, defensive and prudent driving.
7.2. The driver is responsible for any damage and/or injury resulting from his driving or misuse.
7.3. The driver is responsible for any damage to the vehicle resulting from driving or misuse.
7.4. The driver is responsible for any damage to the vehicle resulting from the improper and prohibited use of the vehicle control instruments, taking into account point
7.5. The driver must compensate the service provider for damages resulting from the repair of vehicles and consequent suspension of their activity, in an amount never less than €140 per day. 
7.6. The driver is responsible for the payment of administrative offenses resulting from his driving, negligence or violation of rules set out in the Stay Code.
7.7. The service provider is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of personal property, and the customer must ensure adequate protection for them.
7.8. The customer must be accompanied during the activity with an identification document and driving license.
7.9. The driver must practice defensive driving, and maintain a safe distance between vehicles, being at fault in the context of the collision with the vehicle ahead

8. Itinerary

8.1. The itinerary consists of an all-terrain journey, made up of dirt tracks, forest roads and road roads.

8.2. The itinerary is predefined by the service provider based on the contracted period of time.
8.3. Route maps are available for consultation at the service provider's premises, with the respective geographical references.


9.1. Vehicles are European category T1, T2, T3, L6e and L7e, commonly known as buggys/buggies and quads/quads.
9.2. Vehicles are rear-wheel drive, with or without 4-wheel drive.
9.3. The vehicles are completely open, with no guardrails.

10. Schedule

10.1. The activity is regulated by a fixed schedule, with no flexible hours.
10.2. Mandatorily, the client must show up 30 minutes before the start of the activity, to carry out the check-in, initial briefing (instruction video) and clarify any doubts.
10.3. There is no time tolerance, and the client must be present at the stipulated time (30 minutes before the start of the activity).
10.4. The accounting of the contracted period of time begins, at the pre-stipulated time.
10.5. The itinerary's time period is calculated based on an average speed, and can be naturally shortened or lengthened by the driver's driving behavior, causing slight differences in the contracted time period.
10.6. Taking into account the previous point, the customer accepts a delay of 30 minutes after the start time of the activity.

11. Reservation

11.1. The reservation must be made as soon as possible.
11.2. The reservation is only accepted via online platforms, and may eventually be accepted by other established sales channels, such as vouchers.
11.3. The service is prepaid.
11.4. In the case of a no-show, there is no refund.
11.5. If canceled by the customer within 48 hours before the activity, there is no refund.
11.6. In the event of cancellation by the customer within a period of more than 48 hours prior to the activity, a full refund will be given.
11.7. The service provider reserves the right to cancel the activity at any time, based on weather conditions, technical conditions (vehicles and human resources), or any other reason that justifies or proves harmful to one of the parties, giving rise to the rescheduling, partial or full refund.
11.8. The repayment term ranges from 3 to 5 days (Stripe).

12. Legal framework

12.2. NIPC: 517135094
12.3. Head office: R. 25 de Abril, Côto da Lama, Prozelo, Arcos de Valdevez, 4970-285
12.4. National Registry of Tourist Animation Agent:
RNAAT 198/2020
12.5. Mandatory insurance:

12.5.1. personal accidents: Death/Permanent Disability: €23,500.00 Treatment Expenses: €4,500.00

12.5.2. civil liability: €60,000.00
12.5.3. vehicles: against third parties.
12.5.4. insurer: tranquility
12.5.5. policy: 0007358524

13. Location

13.1. In the normal tables and in the scope of the reservation, the reservation holder receives all the necessary information via email, including the location.
13.2. The start and end location of activity is always the same.
13.3. The Google Maps reference for the location is: Arcos Tour.
13.4. The GPS coordinates are: 41.864834, -8.431545.
13.5. The address is: Rua 25 de Abril, Coto da Lama, Prozelo, 4970-285 Arcos de Valdevez.

14. Useful contacts

14.1. SOS: 112
14.2. Firefighters A. Valdevez: +351 258 520 300

14.3. Police A. Valdevez: +351 258 510 090
14.4. Tourist office A. Valdevez: +351 258 520 530

15. Contact channels

15.1. Telephone contact: +351 937 728 590
15.2. Email:
15.3. In person: Arcos Tour, Rua 25 de Abril, Coto da Lama, Prozelo, 4970-285 Arcos de Valdevez

Effective: 02/01/2023

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